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"When I go to the GE, I feel so grateful to Emily & Dean for providing Oneonta with a true community center, & to the people who sustain it who are always friendly & helpful. As a regular, I enjoy with the other regulars conviviality & conversations after yoga, drinking the best coffee in town, or eating the delicious, pesticide-free food." - Judith A.




“Take care of your body, your community, and the planet.”



Health starts in the mind. By informing ourselves and others, we can make better decisions when it comes to the food we eat and what we support with our purchasing power.


The Green Earth is committed to integrity through transparency. We want to inform our customers so they know why we promote some things and why we avoid others.



Our bodies are our temples, so we must treat them with reverence and respect.


The Green Earth is committed to quality through awareness.



We can cultivate a content spirit through aligning with our unique authenticity.


The Green Earth is committed to alignment through research. The more we come to understand, the better we become. The better we become, the better we can serve others.


Empowerment begins with education.
Trust begins with truth.
And loyalty begins with love.
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